Property development services

Property development helps to preserve and increase the value of the property. As a result of the development, the property will become more attractive to users and tenants, its use will be optimized and operating costs will be controlled. Depending of the development, the the life cycle of the property may be extended, energy efficiency can be improved or the carbon footprint can be reduced. The goals defined with the property owner will determine what kind of result the project aims to achieve.

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Property development services include the study and presentation of selected development options, as well as project supervision and monitoring from project planning to site opening and maintenance.

The focus is always on a long-term view of portfolio management: investments are guided by the goals of the owners and the needs of the users, taking into consideration property life-cycle and the functionality of the facilities. Our development work is also guided by the information from the market and partners from the real estate sector.

Case examples of our real estate development projects

Saippua Center - development plan

Saippua Center is located near to the center of Turku in the Iso-Heikkilä, future Kirstinpuisto area. The area is an old industrial area that has been re-zoned. Re-zoned building plan allows i.a. residential construction.

Saippua Center property had several buildings that had reached the end of their technical lifetime. The re-zoning enabled a new type of use for the building plan and in 2020 total 6,487m2 of the Saippua Center property (with an area of 18,685m2) was sold. Residential apartment buildings will be built on the sold property; this supports the development trend of the area and the need for residential buildings in the downtown area.

The remaining property consists mainly of protected buildings. The remaining buildings will be developed and modernized in the future. The buildings have business premises which are suitable for office use, production premises, storage use, and hobby activities (dance halls, gyms, etc.). The Saippua Center will be an important part of Kirstinpuisto’s service offering. Saippua Center offers business premises in a great location, in the immediate vicinity of services and with good transport connections.

Valio Center- Building plan development

Valio Center is located next to the Turku’s city center, close to the market square, train station and bus station. The property has two buildings built in the 1940s and 1970s which are starting to be at the end of their technical lifetime. The lettable area is just over 6,000m2. Instead of a complete renovation of the buildings, the buildings have been decided to be demolished. Residential apartments are planned to be built in place of the commercial premises if the new city building plan is approved. There have been several other building plan projects in the railway yard area, where the building plan has been changed to enable residential use. These together with Logomo’s new bridge support the approval of the new building plan. The project has started and is awaiting the city’s permission for a city plan change.