Asset management

Our asset management (AM) services cover comprehensive real estate asset management, where we take care of the productivity, management and development of real estate investment in accordance with the investment strategy.

In our operations, we strive to ensure that the value of the properties we manage increases and that return expectations are met. This goal is best achieved by ensuring a high occupancy rate, user satisfaction and active management of the technical life cycle of the property.

The annual strategy for each property includes the business goals and budgets for the coming year. Implementation of goals and budgets are monitored on a quarterly basis. The annual strategy relies heavily on a longer-term strategy, usually made for five years. Investors have the option to participate in the creation of the strategy or we can prepare the strategy for approval. Additionally, we are actively seeking potential value-added opportunities for the properties that we manage.

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From our servicescape, you can find a comprehensive service solution in which we take all the responsibilities of the property owner using our cooperation network. We believe that providing services from the same place leads to efficient and seamless service. We can also customize a service with fewer responsibilities if the property owner wants to keep to, for example, the technical management of the property itself.

Our servicescape

  • Financial and general administration services
  • Rental services
  • Property management services
  • Project management and procuring services
  • Real estate development services